Oakbridge Foundation is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization founded in 2015 Mpape, Abuja with a mission to provide vulnerable, underprivileged and orphaned children a safe haven where inner-city youth participate in a comprehensive, sustainable socio-economic programs and academic teaching that promotes the physical, educational and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives. 

To promote effective governance; while integrating our values of respect, impartiality, quality, accountability, and advocacy in all our work, through the promotion of inclusion, in rural communities, instead of seeing throngs of children loitering in street corners with nothing to do but engage in illicit activity. We are committed to raising well rounded, globally relevant learners by exposing them to learning opportunities and resources that inspire creativity and imbibe problem solving skills; now they pride themselves as future leaders.  We also aim at helping children see the world through a different lens irrespective of their social status; in that we give hope, create a bridge to a dream future and inspire them to walk it. 

Our Mission

To provide quality education in a stimulating environment for children with limited or no access to education.

Our Vision

A world of resourceful and well-rounded children

Our Values

Who we are


To encourage, promote and support the education of indigent children in the society

To offer scholarship and cater for the well-being of less privileged children in the society

To work towards the protection of children’s rights

To foster links, support and cooperate with other persons and organization with similar objects.


 this reflects in the quality of our teachers, our learning centre and the creative use of resources in the delivery of lessons. Excellence is our benchmark.


Learning is conducted in an atmosphere of Love, encouraging smiles and laughter, while challenging pupils to be the best of themselves through words and actions.


We maintain integrity and transparency in all our dealings with stakeholders; ensuring that records are properly taken and resources duly managed.  


We give attention to details and encourage our learners to do the same.


We have a responsibility to lead and inspire our children in ways that positively shape their future and motivates them to live a successful life and be involved in nation building.

Creativity and Innovation

We birth new and creative ideas that have the capacity and potential to change the world around us.

The Founder

Miss Ejeme Angela Onyemowo is a teacher, humanitarian and an advocate for education who is passionate about education and children, especially vulnerable children. She believes that a child’s social background should not decide the quality of education he/she receives. Oakbridge foundation demonstrates her passion for children and for providing education opportunities for the indigents. She believes every child should be given a chance to dream and achieve their dreams by creating an environment for nurturing lifelong skills and vocational development for children through learning activities. Her vision is to help raise indigent children to embrace and nurture Godly values, imbibe the spirit of patriotism and community development.Her life goal is to work with teams to provide quality instructional materials for public schools worldwide. Provide access to free quality primary education to the most remote corners of the world.

Our Team

Mitaire Awharitoma

Mitaire Awharitoma is a comprehensive accounting and administrative professional who is result driven yet sociable with prime focus on prompt effective service. She is committed to the overall vision and mission of the Oakbridge Foundation, willing and ready to give selflessly and contribute to the overall growth and well being of the children as well as the organization as a whole, knowing fully well that she is called to be a change agent.

Bongos Okoh

Bongos Okoh is a Computer Scientist, an Entrepreneur, a Motivator and a man passionate about child education, especially the indigents. He has joined the team because he strongly believes that educating a less privileged child today will strongly curb a lot of societal problems tomorrow and help build a better Nigeria.

Sohni Madagua

Sohni Madagua is a Lawyer, entrepreneur, encourager and supporter of all things that bring positive impact. She is extremely passionate about giving back to the society and in her opinion, empowering children with quality education is the best form of giving back because you are giving a child a chance to be the best and rule the world.