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Our Mission

To provide quality education in a stimulating environment for children with limited or no access to education.

Our Vision

A world of resourceful and well-rounded children

  • To encourage, promote and support the education of indigent children in the society
  • To offer scholarship and cater for the well-being of less privileged children in the society
  • To work towards the protection of children’s rights
  • To foster links, support and cooperate with other persons and organizations with similar objects.

Welcome to Oakbridge Foundation

Oakbridge Foundation is a community-based organization that provides free quality education for vulnerable children in rural communities, in a conducive learning centre. We also provide links to donate instructional materials to poorly funded schools, provide scholarship opportunities for children, as well as carry out community support projects for women and children within the community of operation. We are committed to breeding globally relevant learners by helping them see the world through a different lens irrespective of their social status; give hope, create a bridge to a dream future and inspire them to walk it.


Our school support program involves identifying public primary schools in need of instructional and infrastructural aid and providing links for them to receive such.

We birth new and creative ideas that have the capacity and potential to change the world around us.

Oakbridge is committed to helping children see the world through a different lens irrespective of their social status.

Our learning centre is designed to cater to the educational needs of children in the community

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you can sponsor a child’s education.

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“Oakcliques” is a platform where friends of Oakbridgefoundation make a monthly contribution of N1,000 or more to support the salaries of teachers among other needs. Please click on the DONATE NOW button below to sign up to be an Oakcliques member. Look up @oakcliques on social media.

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